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Patients who currently have a fungal infection on any part of your body o matter how mild it is, must inform your healthcare provider about it because it would make Prednisone a bad candidate for treating your current condition. If you are under the treatment of Prednisone, please stay away from sick people or places wherein you could get infected because while you are under Prednisone, your immune system becomes weaker and may cause your current condition to worsen.

The biological functions and health benefits of prednisone include the following: - It puts the response of the human body to allergen, which causes allergy. - It decreases itching, redness, swelling and other symptoms experienced by people when they are prone to allergy. - It will be helpful in treating kidney diseases and management of inflammatory conditions. - It not only treats rejection in organ transplantation, but also prevents the same. - It is used in management of autoimmune diseases as well. - It improves the ability of human body to fight against infection. - It works effectively against asthma and so it is prescribed by physicians for people suffering from asthma. - It is used for treatment of arthritis and severe psoriasis as well.

Short-term side effects which can be experienced include hyperglycemia (increase in blood glucose level), especially on patients which are suffering from diabetes mellitus and a mineralocorticoid effects such as edema (fluid retention). Other short-term side effects include insomnia, mania and euphoria (mental state to experience an exaggerated feeling of well-being).

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Klonopin Without Prescription. Another issue is pregnancy. If you have seizures and are taking this medication and get pregnant speak to your family doctor first. Klonopin can cause harm to an unborn child, but seizures can harm both the mother and the baby as well so a medical professional should evaluate the situation. If you do not have seizures and become pregnant you should stop taking this medication under the guidance of your doctor. Even if you are breastfeeding, the chemicals from this medication can transfer to the child through the breast milk and cause harm.

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